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Our Company

Licores Romania was born from the desire to bring to Romania unique, high quality products.

Our team

Who we are?

Two young people, in a continuous search for the newest and most unusual small things in life.

Travel lovers, the sunny peninsula of Spain will always be on our list of "favorites". The reasons are simple: the vibration of the people, their goodness, the breathtaking landscapes and, most importantly: their gastronomy.

In one of our trips, we had the curiosity to try, on the recommendation of a wine specialist, these varieties that we fell in love with.

What do we present to you?

The first wines created with 100% orange, grapefruit or red orange juice.

They are made in an artisanal winery, created by a family from the sunny region of Valencia, dedicated to the cultivation of citrus fruits for at least five generations. However, the youngest heirs wanted to create a new trend, unique in the world. That's how Tarongino was born.

We hereby invite you to the feeling of a never-ending vacation and to experience the unique aromas of these wines.


Each product we provide offers you a unique Mediterranean experience.